A Big Surprise

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From the album A Big Surprise
A Big Surprise

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A Big Surprise

When you go on a picnic, be careful where yo settle
Don’t sit on a blackberry bush and don’t sit on a nettle
If someone makes this sad mistake, you can always spot ’em
They’ve got tears in both eyes and blisters on their bottom.

Use your ears, use eyes. You could be in for a big surprise
Mind your feet, mind your head And watch out where you tread.

Now cows are usually friendly, but here’s some good advice
They’ve fond of making mud pies, except they don’t smell so nice
So if you’re walking across a field be careful where you’re treading
You could cover shoe with a real strange goo and that’s what’s called muck spreading!

Walking in the country, you may need a rest
A shadey spot that’s not so hot is usually the best
You may choose an apple tree whose leaves and branches spread
But an apple may fall from a tree so tall and bonk you on your head.

Words and music © Simon Mayor & Hilary James
Illustrations by Hilary James