Bobbed In On The Tide

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From the album A Big Surprise
A Big Surprise

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Bobbed In On The Tide

There are seashells that are straight,
   and seashells that are curly.
You can find them full of winkles
   if you get up bright and early.
There are bits of rotten timber,
   and jelly fish galore,
And a message in a bottle
   that’s been washed up on the shore.

There’s a message in a bottle
    that’s bobbed in on the tide.
I wonder who it’s come from,
   let’s take a look inside,
Take a look inside.

Now I’m a lighthouse keeper
   and my name is Salty Bob.
I thought I’d write and tell you
   that I have a brilliant job.
The ships all know there’s danger
   when I give them the wink;
My lighthouse works so very, very well
   ’cause it’s always on the blink!

My name is Sam The Sailor,
    but I can’t afford a boat
So in a rusty bathtub
    on the water I do float.
I wrote this urgent message
   ’cause I thought I heard a GLUG
But now I’ll just say “How d’ye do”
   ’cause I’ve just found the plug.

I’m a jolie French girl,
    and I sent this message over
‘Cause when it is a clear day
   I can see the cliffs of Dover.
You’ll be surprised to read it,
    of that I am quite sure,
So I just thought I’d write to say
    “Bonjour! Bonjour!”

Now I’m a big blue whale
   and I thought I’d write a note,
And hope my message finds you
   on a beach or in a boat.
I’d love to come and see you,
    I’ll float in on the tide,
And we shall have a whale of a time,
   I’ll take you for a ride.

Words and music © Simon Mayor & Hilary James
Illustrations by Hilary James