Curly Tails

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From the album Midsummer Market
Midsummer Market

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Curly Tails

Why do pigs have curly tails when other tails are straight?
It really is a puzzle and it’s got me in a state.
Perhaps their tails are curly ’cause they tied them in a knot
In order to remember things they usually forgot.

Curly tails, curly tails, why do pigs have curly tails?
Curly tails, curly tails why do pigs have curly tails?

Pigs spend hours bathing, it’s hard to make them budge.
They never use shampoo or soap, they’re far too fond of sludge.
Perhaps they all once took a bath and wallowed in hot water,
And that’s what gave them curly tails (and also made them shorter).

Now when a horse goes walking out he likes to look his best,
But ’cause he has no curly tail, he often gets depressed.
I always thought that people wearing curlers looked quite daft,
But when I saw them on a horse imagine how I laughed!

And sometimes you might see a horse that’s going to a show.
He combs his tail for hours, then he ties it in a bow.
And if he wants some fancy plaits, he has to get up early,
But the handsome pig cares not a fig, his tail is always curly.

Words and music © Simon Mayor & Hilary James
Illustrations by Hilary James