Greedy Goats

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From the album Midsummer Market
Midsummer Market

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Greedy Goats

I like eating chocolate, I’m also fond of chips.
I’ll always eat an apple, but I never eat the pips.
I love a juicy orange, and a lolly on a stick,
But if you think I’m greedy then a goat will make you sick.

Greedy goats, greedy goats,
You should take note what goes down the throat
Of a hungry nanny or a billy goat.

Goats likes eating anything, they haven’t got much taste.
It really doesn’t matter if it’s fresh or in a paste.
So watch of when a goat’s about, he likes to crunch and chew,
He’ll pinch your hat to make him fat and then he’ll eat your shoe.

I dropped in on a goat one day for a coffee and a bun.
It was a lovely morning so we sat out in the sun.
I nodded off for half an hour but the goat just couldn’t wait;
Guess what he’d done – he’d pinched my bun and polished off my plate.

I came across a mother goat who had a lovely kid
She was only just a few weeks old but just guess what she did
She drank milk from a bottle and finished every drop
She would have had the bottle too if I hadn’t made him stop.

I then got chatting to her dad, a handsome bearded goat.
He asked me if I’d stay for tea, so I took off my coat.
I said “Well thanks, that’s very kind, I’ll have a sandwich please.”
He said “There’s jam or scarf and ham or glove with sock and cheese!”

Words and music © Simon Mayor & Hilary James
Illustrations by Hilary James