I Love All The Fruit

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From the album Up In A Big Balloon
Up In A Big Balloon

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I Love All The Fruit

All the palm trees are swaying
In the tropical breeze.
Lychee, coconut, mango, banana,
All hang down from the trees.

I love all the fruit
That grows in the tropical sun:
Lychee, coconut, mango, banana;
I love every one.

Tarzan walks through the jungle,
Under a coconut tree.
Coconut falls on poor Tarzan’s head,
Tarzan not very happy.

Tarzan looks for banana
To make banana milk-shake.
He uses forty bananas,
Now Tarzan’s got tummy-ache.

Tarzan swings from the creepers,
He swings all over the place.
But when he swings into pineapple tree,
He gets a very flat face.

Tarzan drives through the jungle
In a rusty old car,
But when he bumps into angry rhinoceros,
He goes “Aaaaaaaaaargh!”

Tarzan likes to go paddling,
He paddles more than he oughta,
But when he paddles in crocodile river,
His legs end up shorter.

I Love All The Fruit
Words and music © Simon Mayor & Hilary James
Illustrations by Hilary James