King Wastelot

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From the album Snowmen & Kings
Snowmen & Kings

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King Wastelot

Now once upon a shooting star beyond the dingley dell,
There was a king called Wastelot who lived right royal well.

He loved to spend his money and went shopping every day,
And as he kept on buying new he threw the old away.

One day he threw away his crown and thought it was fantastic
To buy a new one every day in a different coloured plastic.

He hated dirty cars but never let his servants wash ’em;
He simply sent them down the tip for a big machine to squash ’em.

He was fond of woolly jumpers but he never wore them twice.
He bought a new one every day no matter what the price.

The sheep were not too keen to meet this regular delivery,
‘Cause every one was sheared and shorn and ended up right shivery.

He used his chairs and tables for bonfire every night,
And bought a set of new ones every day with great delight.

He used a silver knife and fork, a china plate and cup,
And smashed them after dinner ‘cause he hated washing up.

But when his sheep ran out of wool the king was not too pleased.
He’d no more wood for furniture ‘cause he’d chopped down all the trees.

He couldn’t find a knife and fork or plate to hold his dinner,
So Wastelot the wealthy king began to grow much thinner.

What happened to those plates and cups, his jumpers and his crown?
What happened to the brand new cars that drove around the town?

He’d thrown them all away of course, the silly royal chump,
And now the only thing he had was a great big rubbish dump.

But now the story moves on to the king who lived next door,
King Savelot used everything a thousand times or more,

He even saved his rubbish up in great big bins and then
He sent it to his factories to use it all again.

And Wastelot who’d long admired his palace gave a sigh.
“I used to buy nice things,” he said, “when there were things to buy,”
King Savelot just smiled a smile and waved his royal hand.
“You might have owned it once,” he said. “I got it second hand.”

Kimg Wastelot
Words and music © Simon Mayor & Hilary James
Illustrations by Hilary James