My Bike

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From the album A Big Surprise
A Big Surprise

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My Bike

Now I’m as stiff as a poker, my legs they feel like wood.
They say the perks of physical jerks is that they do me good.
I don’t like running, don’t like jumps, but I don’t mind keeping fit,
So give me a trike or an old push bike and then I’ll do my bit.

On my bike, on my bike, that’s the exercise I like,
My heart will pound as the wheels go round,
On my bike, on my bike.

And when I took up jogging, my heart was really thumping,
Until I reached a river bank and had to practice jumping.
I knew it would be easy, of this I had no doubt,
But I missed it by a million miles and squashed a passing trout.

I took up roller skating, it seemed a simple sport.
It looked so quick and easy, or at least that’s what I thought.
But using brakes on roller skates is difficult to master
And I woke up in hospital with both my legs in plaster.

So some day you might see me riding by on my bike.
I don’t care what’s good for me, I’ll just do as I like.
That’s why I’ll stick to cycling, ’cause that’s my biggest thrill;
It’s easier than any sport, especially going downhill.

Words and music © Simon Mayor & Hilary James
Illustrations by Hilary James