Shipwreck On Hawaii

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From the album Snowmen & Kings
Snowmen & Kings

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Shipwreck On Hawaii

Now a long time ago in Portugal
Lived a sailor called Alfredo-di-Monza-Blisterelli-Panzola-di-Freli.
He was in love with a girl (also nautical),
Who sang songs on a small ukelele.
They crossed the Atlantic and rounded the Horn,
Then sailed in a sunny direction.
And about three weeks later they woke up at dawn,
And spied islands of peaceful perfection.

And the sun shone so high in the sky-ee,
As they sailed in their boat to Hawaii.
But on the way to Waikiki they sprang a little leak-ee,
And so it was swim or goodbye-ee.

But they swam ’til they reached Kukuihele,
Where the people were dancing so gaily.
For from Mauii to Napupu they know how to hoola-hoop-oo,
And she joined in on her ukelele.

They were married in Waiahukini
‘Neath the shade of the palm trees so green-ee.
And on a beach in Kakeluhu, they swore they would be true-hoo,
And have children, fifteen or sixteen-ee.

Words and music © Simon Mayor & Hilary James
Illustrations by Hilary James

Shipwreck On Hawaii