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‘Gobble! Gobble! Gobble!’

Gobble! Gobble! Gobble!

The Parrot Song (lyrics & more)
The House Next Door (lyrics & more)
It Ain’t Gonna Rain (lyrics & more)
Herring’s Head (lyrics & more)
The Fire Brigade (lyrics & more)
The Fat Fat Farmer (lyrics & more)
Clucking In The Henhouse (lyrics & more)
Gobble! Gobble! Gobble! (lyrics & more)

‘Up In A Big Balloon’

Up In A Big Balloon
I Love All The Fruit (lyrics & more)
A Flock Of Fat Flamingoes (lyrics & more)
Hum Hum Hum (lyrics & more)
The Slippery Slimy Trout (lyrics & more)
Wait For The Wagon (lyrics & more)
Old Dan Tucker’s Song (lyrics & more)
Give Me A Drum (lyrics & more)
The Farmyard Tango (lyrics & more)
The Donkey Can-Can (lyrics & more)
Hoots & Whistles (lyrics & more)
Up In A Big Balloon (lyrics & more)

‘A Big Surprise’

A Big Surprise
If You Want To Talk To A Bee (lyrics & more)
My Bike (lyrics & more)
A Big Surprise (lyrics & more)
Sleepy Sheep (lyrics & more)
Bertie The Bandit (lyrics & more)
Will A Willow (lyrics & more)
The Scarecrow Song (lyrics & more)
Bobbed In On The Tide (lyrics & more)
King Canute At Cleethorpes (lyrics & more)
The Road To Banbury (lyrics & more)

‘Snowmen & Kings’

Snowmen & Kings
The Snowman’s Song (lyrics & more)
The Australian Father Christmas (lyrics & more)
When The Snow Falls Softly Down (lyrics & more)
Shipwreck On Hawaii (lyrics & more)
Crazy Lazy Daisy (lyrics & more)
Clickety Clack (lyrics & more)
Under The Old Oak Tree (lyrics & more)
King Wastelot (lyrics & more)
Magpie Sitting On A Broken Chair (lyrics & more)

‘Midsummer Market’

Midsummer Market
Cocos Island (lyrics & more)
The Spider In The Shed (lyrics & more)
Granny Had A Washboard (lyrics & more)
The Grand Ol’ Duke Of Pork (lyrics & more)
Curly Tails (lyrics & more)
Harry The Hiccupping Horse (lyrics & more)
Greedy Goats (lyrics & more)
Thomas And The Strange Stradivari (lyrics & more)
Midsummer Market (lyrics & more)