Hoots & Whistles

Up In A Big Balloon

From the album Up In A Big Balloon

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Once the wind went out to play
Chased the leaves and danced all day
Twisting up and twirling down
Russet red and golden brown.

How the wind it hoots and whistles
Tearing through the flowers and thistles
Lifting rooves uprooting trees
Oh you wild unruly breeze.

Soon the wind was having fun
Painting pictures round the sun
Lakes and mountains in the sky
Changing as the clouds rolled by.

See the washing out to dry
Oh what fun to make it fly
Shirts and dresses, socks and sheets
Soon were flying through the street.

And when the sun went off to bed
The moon canme out to play instead
Now the wind was counting sheep
Out of puff it went to asleep.

Hoots & Whistles