The Snowman’s Song

Snowmen & Kings

From the album Snowmen & Kings

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In the middle of the Winter, the snowman got quite bored,
So he thought he’d take a holiday to a sunny land abroad.
He wasn’t frightened of the sun, he thought he’d be OK,
But he went for a swim in the deep blue sea and he melted clean away!

It’s c-c-c-c-c-cold being a snowman
It’s frrrrrrrrosty stood out here
My teeth they chatter like a chimpanzee
Oh what I’d give for a nice cup o’ tea
I’m a ch-ch-ch-chilly chilly, c-c-c-cold
Frrrrrrrosty snowman.

There once was a handsome snowman, called Michael John O’Grady
Who fell in love on a Winter’s morn with a rather nice snowlady.
She gave him a kiss on his frosty lips and then they had a cuddle,
But then they got a bit too hot and turned into a puddle.

There was once a snowman climber, who climbed up a snowy peak,
But he didn’t feel like climbing down I cause his legs had got too weak.
But snowmen they are clever, in the mountains you can spot ’em,
They turn into an avalanche and slide down on their bottom!

There once was a showman snowman, who played the ukulele
And though his fingers froze to the bone he gave his concerts daily.
He thought it was a small guitar ‘cause once he had been told
That things get bigger when they warm up and shrink when they get cold.

Pity the poor snowman out in a Winter’s storm.
An old top hat and a football scarf are all that keep him warm.
He’d sooner sit inside the house by the fireside nice and snug,
But if he did he’d turn into a wet patch on the rug