The Australian Father Christmas

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From the album Snowmen & Kings
Snowmen & Kings

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The Australian Father Christmas

Now Santa Claus has got a twin, you may have heard folks tell,
And like his famous brother he’s called Santa Claus as well.
He’s got the same old bushy beard, some reindeer and a sleigh,
But he lives down at the South Pole, a long, long way away.

One year his brother phoned to say, “I’m in a dreadful plight:
There’s far too many houses now to visit in one night.
Australian children they want presents just like others do,
So play them all a call and I’d be most obliged to you.

It’s a sunny, sunny Christmas in Australia.
We go down to the beach on Christmas Day.
In bright red fur-lined swimming trunks, there’s Santa looking grand,
Eating Christmas pud and making snowmen out of sand.
It’s a sunny, sunny Christmas in Australia.

Now Santa set off round Australia in the setting sun,
He hoped to visit every town before the night was done.
But reindeer hooves are made for snow and not for desert sand,
And things weren’t moving quite as fast as Santa Claus had planned.

And as he sat and scratched his head  and wondered what to do,
Some funny looking animals came hopping into view.
“Kangaroos!” He cried out loud, “I’ll hitch them too my sleigh,
And I’ll travel round Australia in a most Australian way.”


Now Santa’s sack was tightly packed, just like tinned sardines,
And all the presents tumbled out as it split round all the seams.
He hadn’t got a needle, he hadn’t any cotton,
And the spare he normally took along he’d bloomin’ well forgotten.

“Can I be of any help?” said the biggest kangaroo,
“If you’ve nowhere else to put ’em, perhaps my pouch will do.”
The others offered likewise and before the break of day,
He’d called at every house from Alice Springs to Botany Bay.

Words and music © Simon Mayor & Hilary James
Illustrations by Hilary James