The Donkey Can-Can

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The donkey tried to do the can-can
Just to prove he could-could
Kick his legs as high as anybody else,
But sadly, he danced a little madly
And kicked a passing bee, who stung him on the knee.

As he hopped about the floor
The bee went buzzing through the door,
So he danced a little more
And soon the sweat began to pour.
He didn’t know what was in store:
His knee was stung his feet were sore.
Furthermore, he swore and swore
He’d no more dance the can-can.

Poor old donkey!
Hee-haw! Hee-haw!

And so the donkey tried to do the can-can,
Just to prove he could-could,
But he couldn’t ’cause he quickly lost his breath
And so he started a new dance-dance,
It was called the “can’t-can’t”, but it’s not as good!

Words and music © Simon Mayor & Hilary James
(with apologies to Jacques Offenbach)
Illustrations by Hilary James

The Donkey Can-Can