The Farmyard Tango

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Down on the farm, tonight there’s a dance
And you should go along if you can go.
You’ll be sorry if you ever miss your chance
To dance to the farmyard tango.

There was a cockerel, whose name it was Django
And he decided to learn how to tango,
But sadly, his dancing went wonky
Because his partner turned out to be a donkey.

There was a cow, whose charms were entrancing.
She met a bull, who took her ‘bull’room dancing.
He said “Come closer, I’ll show you how it goes,
But she fainted when he trod on all her toes.

There was a horse who suffered from hay fever,
She kept on sneezing and nothing would relieve her.
When she tangoed, some hay got up her nose,
So she sneezed and dribbled on her toes.

There was a drake, who had some good luck.
He had a dance with a beautiful duck.
He kissed her with great big slobbery smackers,
And he whispered, “You drive me quackers.”

There was a pig with a rather pretty nose
Who took up ballet and balanced on his toes,
But despite all his elegance and grace
His nose is flat, cause he landed on his face.

Words and music © Simon Mayor & Hilary James
Illustrations by Hilary James

Farmyard Tango