The Fat Fat Farmer

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Gobble! Gobble! Gobble!

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Gobble! Gobble! Gobble!

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The Fat Fat Farmer

Timothy Tractor is my name,
Helping the farmer is my game,
Ploughing, ploughing all day long.
I do my job most willingly
With a fat, fat farmer sat on me,
Ploughing all day long.

For breakfast he has bacon and eggs
And sausage and eggs and ham and eggs
And washes it down with coffee and tea and juice,
And now he’s sitting on me…..

For lunch he has cottage pie
And a rabbit pie and a shepherd’s pie,
With gravy and peas and extra meat
And beer and now he’s sat an my seat…..

For dinner he has chicken and chips
And fish and chips and pizza and chips,
With strawberry gateau and
    Christmas pud and cream,
And now he’s stuck in the mud…..

The Fat Fat Farmer
Words and music © Andy Baum & Simon Mayor
Illustrations by Hilary James