The Scarecrow Song

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From the album A Big Surprise
A Big Surprise

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The Scarecrow Song

I tried outstaring a scarecrow
But the scarecrow always won
‘Cause the trouble with a scarecrow is
He’s got no sense of fun.
I lay on my back with my feet in the air
But all the scarecrow did was stare.
I found a feather and I tickled his knee
But still the scarecrow stared at me.

I had a bet with a scarecrow
That I could make him grin
But the trouble with a scarecrow is
He never will join in.
I stood on my head went upside down
But still the scarecrow wore his frown.
I wiggled my nose and waggled my chin
But I couldn’t make that scarecow grin.

I had a joke with a scarecrow
And he took me by surprise
‘Cause I’m sure I caught that scarecrow
With a twinkle in his eyes.
I looked up close and I saw him blink,
Then I caught a smile and friendly wink.
He took off his hat and he gave a bow,
And you should see that scarecrow now.

So I made a friend of a scarecrow
And we really had a ball,
For the truth about a scarecrow is
He’s never dull at all.

The Scarecrow
Words and music © Simon Mayor & Hilary James
Illustrations by Hilary James