The Slippery Slimy Trout

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One day as I was walking, ’twas in the month of June (tra la la)
I stopped beside a river and played a little tune. (tiddly pom)
I played and played all morning until I heard a shout, (‘ere!)
And then I saw him listening, a slippery slimy trout.

He said “I know that music, may I join in?”
I said “provided I accompany you upon my mandolin.”
He bobbed under the water and then made a sound that was absurd.
The slimy trout began to sing and this is what I heard.

(Gargling chorus….)

The trout was joined by tadpoles, and a passing bee,
Along with fifteen bloated bullfrogs to sing in harmony.
The din they made was gruesome and I was guilty without doubt;
Because I played my mandolin with a slippery slimy trout.

(Gargling chorus….)

Words and music © Simon Mayor & Hilary James
(With apologies to Franz Schubert)
Illustrations by Hilary James