Wait For The Wagon

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From the album Up In A Big Balloon
Up In A Big Balloon

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Wait For The Wagon


Wait For The Wagon

Will you come with me this morning to yon blue mountain free,
Where the blossom smells the sweetest, come ride along with me.
So early in the morning, when I am by your side,
We’ll jump into the wagon and all take a ride.

   Wait for the wagon, wait for the wagon,
   Wait for the wagon and we’ll all take a ride.

The Queen goes to the theatre in a gleaming black Rolls Royce.
She’d sooner ride a wagon, but queens don’t get much choice.
So she waits until her holidays to do her favourite things,
And then she rides a wagon and this is what she sings.

Buses go to Bristol, trains to London town,
But we can’t go far in our old car ‘cause it’s always breaking down.
So the only way to travel, in sunshine or in snow,
Is a ricketty, racketty wagon and we’ll sing as we go.

I’ve got a poor old donkey with great big floppy ears.
His legs are rather wonkey, but they have been many years.
We go out every morning and he pulls my wagon along,
And as he goes HEE! HAW! HEE! HAW! HEE! HAWlways sings this song.

Words and music © Simon Mayor & Hilary James
Illustrations by Hilary James