Short takes from the press – a selection of concert and album reviews

Simon Mayor & Hilary James‘It’s real music [from] one of England’s most dynamic duos, mandolinist Simon Mayor and bassist-vocalist Hilary James.’
Sing Out! (USA)

‘At the end, you could see the little ones brimming over with enthusiasm for music, and a few of the parents ruing the day they gave up learning the violin.’
The Stage (live review, Edinburgh Festival)

‘The only worry for parents is that the children might want a mandolbass of their own!’
The Scotsman * * * *

‘Britain’s premier duo, especially if it comes to four double-course stringed instruments’ (Germany)

‘Whether it is a Vivaldi concerto or a beautiful rendition of a classic such as ‘Lavender’s Blue,’ each song is exquisitely performed. With so many lullaby CDs on the market, it is refreshing to hear one so tastefully performed.’
Chicago Parent Magazine

‘Classics, original songs, tunes and sketches delivered with charm, wit and expert musicianship.’
BBC website

‘Splendid musical fun.’
The Daily Telegraph

‘For over twenty years, English singer/songwriters Hilary James and Simon Mayor have been leading the crusade against the saccharine rubbish that often passes for children’s music. James and Mayor are superb vocalists and musicians, playing a bewildering battery of instruments between them and no soggy synthesisers, thank heavens.’
The Dublin Herald

‘I can well imagine the effect upon children presented with the dazzling virtuosity of this pair.’
The Living Tradition

‘Excellent, funny and entertaining. The playing is jaunty and incredibly funny.’
Rock ‘n’ Reel

‘How refreshing to listen to lively and original songs written and performed for children by very good musicians. The songs are catchy and very funny. Adults will enjoy listening as much as the children.’
Capital Radio’s UK for Kids